A sexologist told why a man can refuse to wear a condom

A sexologist told why a man can refuse to wear a condom

Women suffer from allergy for condoms more often than men do. Allergy to latex is a real disease, not a myth. Many people experience brighter sensations having natural sex with no condom that’s why they make excuses when they don’t want to put on a condom.

Chanel 24 gives the words of a sexologist Tatyana Mulavko. She says that only 0.8 – 8.2% of population are allergic to latex. Of every second partner gives you this excuse – this is not true.

How to define allergy

The symptoms are the following:

- appearing of hives

- skin itch and burning

- stuffy nose or running nose

- it’s hard to breath and you want to cough


It starts several minutes after you start using latex. Women are more allergic to it because latex gets deep into their body through vaginal mucosa. A strong burning and vaginal edema may start while making love. The same things may happen to a man.

How to find out if the allergy is not an excuse

If a person is allergic to latex, he will be allergic not only to condoms., but to all latex things. Ask him to blow up a balloon or to put on latex gloves for washing up. If he feels fine, it means he is not allergic to latex.

Though such test could be rather dangerous. It can lead to acute anaphylaxis or giant urticaria. If you doubt, it’s better to go to the clinics and make a special test.

Very often irritation is caused by lubricants which a couples uses. Then it’s better to find hypoallergenic lubricants or change the brand.

Only the doctor’s words can prove that a person is allergic to latex. But even in this case you should use contraception. For over 30 years people have been using polyurethane condoms.

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