A woman from Slovakia apprehended a thief in a store in an oral way

A woman from Slovakia apprehended a thief in a store in an oral way

In Bratislava (the capital of Slovakia), a thief robbed a local gas station, but was unable to escape. The resourceful girl found an interesting way to detain the guy before the police arrived: she offered the robber a blowjob, and he could not refuse.

A heady scheme was almost in jeopardy: the law enforcement officers arrived literally at the last moment.

A Serbian man, 24 years old, went into a store at a gas station and demanded the assistant to give him cash from the cash register. Having taken the money, he went to the safe.

Taking the opportunity, one of the employees left the building through the back door and called the cops. At that very moment a girl entered the store. She understood the situation and decided to take measures.

She offered the robber oral sex. The guy did not hesitate for a long time and instantly agreed, which he will clearly remember later in court. The cops found a couple on the floor, and literally at the last moment. The girl gave them the thief, saying that she could no longer detain him.

Of course, the police officers were not so affectionate with the guy and immediately confiscated everything that he had managed to steal. The thief was taken to the local police station, where he will now await the trial.

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