Because of COVID-19, men and women want to lose weight

Because of COVID-19, men and women want to lose weight

Stress is caused by the fact that men constantly want to have a more toned muscular body and women dream of losing weight. These studies were conducted by British scientists.

More than 500 people took part in the survey, and the average age of respondents was 33 years. Each of the participants in the experiment had to answer a number of questions. All of them were related to the impact of the coronavirus on everyday life. They had to rate the level of alarm that appeared due to the pandemic on a scale where the maximum score is 7.

Research has shown that in addition to the virus itself, many people are concerned about the perception of their own body. In some cases, these problems have serious consequences, for example, intestinal diseases.

This is due to the fact that during the beginning of the pandemic, many people increased the time spent at the TV screens, where they regularly watched pumped up beautiful bodies. Because gyms were closed during the quarantine, many did not exercise and had negative thoughts about their bodies.

Negative thoughts about your body are the main cause of diseases of the intestinal tract. For example, bulimia or anorexia is often manifested. However, the scientists stressed that the research has not been completed yet. Analysis of human behavior during the pandemic continues. New surveys and experiments are being conducted.

During the lockdown, many women experienced psychological pressure, as they internally tried to conform to the traditional norms of female behavior established and imposed by society. Watching the success of people from social networks, women worried that they own have no progress. Dissatisfaction with your own body constantly was increasing; there was an obsession to change your figure.

The same problem has overtaken the male half of the population. Anxiety and stress directly affect men's attitude to their bodies. Since men are taught from childhood that they must be strong, brave, and courageous, the stress and experience of the pandemic has led them to pay more attention to their masculinity.

Loneliness may already be attributed to the late consequences of the pandemic. Many people are concerned about the lack of live communication. They feel trapped. In this regard, there are additional worries and stresses that are becoming harder to cope with.

Data from a study by British scientists confirmed once again the conclusions that lockdown sharpened people's feelings of negative perception of their body. The same opinion was reached by the Committee dealing with women's equality.

A survey was conducted on the Internet, which was attended by about 8,000 people. It showed that more than two-thirds of people under the age of 18 and about 60% of those older experience a negative impact on the perception of their body.

More than 50% of survey participants admitted that the coronavirus pandemic that caused lockdown made them feel more insecure. Appearance categorically ceased to like and they wanted serious changes. Many have gradually begun to change their appearance in the direction of their own ideals.

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