5 best positions for quiet sex

5 best positions for quiet sex

It's not a good idea to appear naked in front of your puzzled relatives. Therefore, here are a few recommendations on how to have sex in other people's flat and not be caught.

Experiment with one of those sex positions

On the side

Lie on your sides and face each other. This position satisfies all needs: sex will turn out to be quiet, and a full belly will not suffer. A woman can throw a leg around a man's neck and run her hand through his hair. And if at the same time he puts his free hand on the partner's thigh, this will only enhance the sensations.

Rock is our style

If the man does not want to be active, let him lie on his back, and the woman lies on top, with her back to him. She rests on her feet and palms and begins to move up and down with a small amplitude, fully controlling the process. Quite a difficult position for the unprepared, but you can always come up with an option that will suit both.

Night guest

If the walls in the house are too thin, use sex toys or just hands. A woman be in a reverse cowgirl position, give her partner a vibrator, and then thank him for the pleasure.

Soon I'm taking off

If a woman hasn't overeaten she can lie on her back, bend her knees and wrap her arms around them. The man is on his knees, adjusts the angle and width of the legs, and the partner lies and enjoys what is happening. For greater effect, you can tie a woman's hands and feet with a scarf.

Evening promenade

An excellent position for sex on the floor or other hard surface. The man lies on his back, the woman stands on all fours over him, her breasts sliding over his. And then you can take a shower together and go to bed.

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