Dangerous experiments in sex: top 5 injuries

Dangerous experiments in sex: top 5 injuries

Many of us are puzzled by the question of what to do during quarantine except study, work and reading books. The answer is pretty simple. While celebrities are filing for divorce, you have a chance to strengthen your family. What can help you better than a good sex and new sex experiments?

There is a risk of trying too hard. You are likely to get injuries instead of bliss and pleasure. We will try to prevent it and tell you about possible injuries and precautions.

Hot sex against the wall

Threat: Sprained arm tendons and back injury.

Have you seen this pose in hot movies? The man leans against the wall and holds his lover hanging, clasping her buttocks. There is only one support point here - the wall. You may wonder what the danger is. A man is the only one who is responsible here and as he wants to impress his women, he may fail to appraise the situation. If his hands slip from the soft point, then the woman will easily get a back injury, and the man himself will stretch the tendons in his hands.

On the kitchen table, instead of breakfast

Threat: Abrasions and Broken Table

This may also happen while cooking dinner or lunch. But most often it happens before breakfast when a man has morning erection. Usually he throws his partner on the table and poses between her spread legs. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Although t can be dangerous. A table may overturn or it’s legs can break down. A broken table is not the only problem that may occur. It’s not a great idea to have breakfast having injuries on your body. If it happens, use ointment for bruising.

The bedroom is the best place for sex experiments

Threat: falling and injuring back, elbows, knees

You may wonder what danger can await for you in your bedroom? There is your favorite, proven bed, beautiful bedding, candles... But even in the most uncomplicated position, you can get injured. For example, the favorite position of many people, when a man is behind and the girl rests her elbows on the bed, can cause both to slip if they move too intensely. It's worth considering safety if you don't want to get sprains, abrasions, and a sore back.

Passionate couple yoga

Threat: Strained thigh muscles

So, yoga together is romantic, isn't it? You can even brag about this in front of your friends, but you need to think over each step if you want to experiment and add erotic overtones to your usual exercises. The partner in the lotus position puts his woman on top, facing him - this is not the best option. After all, if a man is not a gymnast or an acrobat, he is likely to have bad flexibility and his muscles are not rubber.

Interesting TV series and narrow sofa

Threat: a fall with bad consequences

Watching TV series on a narrow sofa with your lover seems very nice. Lovers want to have as little space as possible in order to snuggle up to each other as much as possible. And then they get so excited... So, the series is forgotten, the woman fits into a pose where she is on her back, and her knees are pulled up to her chest. And the man hangs over her and moves, holding her legs. A narrow sofa, remember? If this is slow, smooth sex, then it may be possible to maintain balance, but fast movements can interrupt the whole game and add sad consequences. Is it worth the risk? Maybe it's better to move to the floor? And put the laptop away, you never know what ... No one wants to walk in bruises after a harmless TV show.

So what do we have as a result? Now you might think that we advise you not to experiment with sex at all, but no, it is not true. As statistics show, you can hurt yourself in the classic poses, which are practiced by all couples. So what to do now? It's simple - be careful, calculate the risks, and try to incorporate exercise and stretching into your daily routine. This will strengthen your muscles and help you become closer with your partner while doing sport exercising together.

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