Dissimulation in sex: what to do if a woman simulates orgasm

Dissimulation in sex: what to do if a woman simulates orgasm

These are recommendations for those who feels a woman’s dissimulation in sex. Sometimes such dissimulation tells of a deep devotion and unwillingness to upset the partner. But sometimes a woman just doesn’t know how to reach orgasm and she feels ashamed of telling it. Anyway, a problem must be solved.

If you are interested in your partner’s pleasure, it’s important to find out the reasons for simulation. According to the statistics based on long term studies, half of women lie to their partners.

Why women need it

Basically, there are 4 reasons for it:

1. A desire to finish the intercourse as soon as possible

2. A woman gets excited this way

3. A woman wants to seem sexy

4. Unwillingness to let the partner know that he is not good enough in bed

If you have clear evidence that your woman is simulating in bed, never reproach her. This is a delicate question and you must solve this problem together. You need to be very tactful.

Watch what parts of her body react to your kisses and touches. Try paying more attention to these zones and ask a woman for hints.

Don’t forget to use simple tools

Let your woman know that her pleasure is not highly important for you, and you are always ready to meet her halfway. Compliment her and take time to find new positions and ways to please her. The mutual desire to achieve perfection in sex will be the most effective tool.

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