Effective ways of getting orgasm

Effective ways of getting orgasm

People consider orgasm that both partners can get at the same time to be Holy Grail of sex. Also it’s considered the point after which the relationship has to improve. We are telling you how to get a bright orgasm.

What’s the difference between “good” and “perfect”? In the second variant you have done your best to please your beloved.

1. Make him want you not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. A good foreplay not just help you achieve the same level of excitement. Men need a foreplay to feel the desire in their head. In this case the result will be much brighter.

Try doing the following if you want him to be excited morally as well as physically. After you kiss, you should also kiss his neck up to his ear. This zone is responsible for emotional excitement.

2. Don’t undress too quickly

Of course tearing the cloths off your partner and throwing it on the furniture is very exciting but you can try doing it another way. Stop to look at your partner’s eyes. Languor is a great part of sexual game and if you try it, it will lead to very bright orgasm.

3. The chemistry of touching.

When you go to the gym, you normally start with warming up. Your sexual senses need warming up even more than your muscles. Before having sex, start with caressing the penis with light movements from glans penis to the foundation. After that the pleasure will be deeper and brighter.

4. Uncontrolled passion

Before letting him in, have a little of oral sex. Lick his dick from glans to the testicles and stop at the bridle string teasing it with your tongue.

5. Stop before the peak

When caressing your partner stop every time when you feel that he is about to cum. But continue touching and kissing him. When his breath becomes calm get on to your job again. When you finally let him cum, his orgasm will become brighter

6. Use every moment

When his pleasure reaches a critical state and he "begins to cum" - do not wait. Speed ​​up your own movements! Many men slow down when they are having orgasm. However, if you're still challenging to victorious finish, he enjoys every second of the climax.

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