The expert named the proper amount of sex

The expert named the proper amount of sex

According to the Ukrainian public person and statesman Ulyana Suprun, not all intimate problems are solved behind closed doors. Sometimes you should seek help from specialists.

The amount of sex that brings pleasure is considered normal. At the same time, according to data obtained as a result of research, on average, people have sex about once a week.

Ms. Suprun noticed that sex has several stages, and they can be quite blurry. The chemical processes that take place in the brain can clarify how a person feels during lovemaking. Initially, there is desire, after comes arousal, then sex itself, orgasm and, finally, the desired relaxation.

According to the expert, partners can and should discuss their preferences, fantasies and expectations with each other. There is nothing to be ashamed of, this is a good thing to do.

Straightforward conversation can help resolve any difficulties that might hinder your journey to a positive intimate experience.

Ulyana Suprun notes: if a person experiences problems in the sexual sphere and cannot solve them alone or with a partner, it is better to contact a specialist. Do not be ashamed of this, because professional advice can really safe your couple.