Experts explained what to do if you have different sex tempers

Experts explained what to do if you have different sex tempers

When it comes to intimacy, people want their partner to guess what they want. When we hear a phrase “opposites attract” - it’s not true about sex. Everyone has different preferences but it’s important to satisfy your partner and to be satisfied yourself.

What to do if you love a person but you have a different sex temper?

5 efficient tips

1. Planning

Planning may not seem very romantic, but it works. You come from work and you feel tired and want to have shower and have your dinner. If sex is in your plans it won’t bring you less pleasure than a piece of a tasty pie expecting you in the fridge. You must set yourself up for making love.

2. Your intimate life should be diversified. Even if you feel fine in your favourite bed in your favourite sex position, it’s still better to bring something new. How about sex in he fitting room or on the kitchen table? It’s better to surprise your partner if you don’t want him to find an open-minded lover.

3. You should agree on the quantity of sex a day (or a week or even a month). It may turn out that a woman wants sex twice a day and a man wants sex once a week. She may end up having a lover on the side.

4. Shared sexual fantasies make you closer. You can watch an erotic movie together or you can dress up (role playing, for example, a woman can act as a maiden or a nurse).

5. It’s important to explain to your partner that women get excited if you touch them and they love fondling and long kissing. Also be tender with a partner yourself. It will be a part of a foreplay.

Always make love in good mood. You can also have quick sex for example in the bathroom when everybody is home or in a car while waiting for family members.