Experts named 5 sex positions that will allow you to merge in ecstasy

Experts named 5 sex positions that will allow you to merge in ecstasy

Sexologists argue that not only temperament and mutual attraction are important for good sex, but also spiritual affinity with a partner, complete spiritual unity. Some people like passionate, sudden, overwhelming sex somewhere in the bathroom or on the kitchen table, but the sensations will not be so vivid if there is no affinity of souls between a man and a woman.

Sexologists identify five positions of the body in sex, which allow you to achieve spiritual affinity:

1. Loving "spoons". Having sex while lying on your side is very sensual, since both partners get a maximum of vivid sensations. A man because he penetrates a woman from behind, and  a woman gets pleasure from sensations inside, touches and hugs.

2. All night long. Try having sex without ejaculating. Try spending a night of love without an orgasm, taking only short breaks for passionate kissing. The borderline state between sleep and attraction will bring you closer together, and in the morning you will definitely want to cum.

3. Wide-open eyes. Get as close to your partner as possible, try to sit opposite each other, placing your feet on top of each other and looking straight into your partner's eyes without blinking. In the process of eye contact, start fondling each other, going down gradually, then you need to get closer and be on top, right on his penis.

4. Soulful "missionary" position. In this position, you can gently touch, stroke each other and intertwine with your legs, and a man can also caress his woman's nipples with his tongue. This sexual position is a source of huge amounts of oxytocin.

5. Anticipation of orgasm. This effect can be achieved by lying on your side, turning onto your back and throwing your leg over the man's side. In this position, the woman constantly balances on the verge of orgasm, and this keeps the couple in good shape, so that he and she will spend the whole night in a passionate act of love without getting tired.

Using these positions in your sex life, one day you will feel how much brighter and richer your sex has become, how much you do not want to let go of each other after a night of love.