Let's jump: 5 fit ball Sex Positions

Let's jump: 5 fit ball Sex Positions

Fit ball is a useful tool not only for aerobics, but also for making love. Updated versions of popular positions, interesting angles of penetration, amazing emotions ...

The main thing is to put a stop under the gymnastic ball - this will allow you not to roll too far in your experiments.

Haven't got a fit ball yet? Then study the sex positions with the ball, presented below, and urgently get one!

Caution: in such positions the risk of injury increases!

Jumping seat

The man sits down on the ball, rests his feet on the floor. The woman, turning her back, sits on his lap and jumps up and down, feeling the swing of the fit ball. This position makes sex even more enjoyable.

Sofa conqueror

The partner settles down on the sofa, puts his feet on the floor. The girl sits on the ball, while putting her legs bent at the knees on the sofa. The man swings the fit ball slightly to control the speed and depth of penetration. Both partners are on uneven surfaces, which is a crazy turn-on! An extremely comfortable position for eye contact and gentle kissing.

Sex in zero gravity

The woman lies with her back on the ball, spreads her legs, puts them on the floor, while her hands are clasped in the lock. The neck is relaxed, the head rests freely on the fit ball. The partner, on his knees, caresses his woman with his hands and tongue, swinging the ball to enhance the sensations. Then you can change places.

Sexball for her

The woman takes a vibrator on a suction cup and fixes it on the ball. She herself lies on the fitball with her stomach, resting her arms and legs on the floor, and shakes the projectile along with the vibrator. The man gets up from behind and begins to caress the partner's anus. Double pleasure!

Sexball for him

Now it is his turn to sit on the fit ball with a fixed vibrator (or without it, if the man is not ready for such sensations). The woman sits down on his lap, hugs his neck with her hands, and her hips with her legs and begins smooth movements. For stability, you can lean the ball against the wall. Amusing exercises! every couple should have a fit ball to diversify sex life. This sports equipment will also become sexy, providing both partners with a sharp and very piquant sensations!

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