Five things men expect from relationships are named

Five things men expect from relationships are named

Many women believe that all men need from a relationship is love and care, shown in affection and cooking delicious breakfasts, dinners and sunday lunches. In fact, the list of needs is somewhat broader - psychologists report five things that are necessary for the stronger sex to feel completely comfortable in an alliance with the chosen one.

It is necessary to proceed from the desires of the guy, and for this you need to understand the male nature. It is from ignorance, lack of experience or inability to hear the opposite sex – after a while, the girl sees a cooling on the part of the partner – up to a complete loss of interest, which inevitably leads to a break in the relationship. These are the five things men expect in relationships that all women should do if they want a secure, long-term, happy marriage.

Understand the partner's life position and work with his to achieve your common goals

Everyone has their own character traits and their own views on how to live. We expect our life partner to accept us as we are and share our position. We must do the same with him. For example, you should not convince your man to move to a quiet provincial town, if he feels better in the frenzied rhythm of the metropolis. It will be a mistake to convince your partner to change the job he is interested in for a more monetary one. You can't selfishly insist that he quit the gym, saying that this way he will have more time for you. Doing what he likes, a man becomes more successful, gets the opportunity to realize his ambitions. And, for example, the same fitness – he must have personal time when he can be alone with himself; this is even good for family relations. That is, to love in the chosen one, you need, first of all, his personality, and not to adjust the person to your own standards.

Tell your partner about your plans and feelings

Your chosen one must be aware of your affairs and intentions. For a man, it is important who you spend time with when he is not around, what your relationship with your family is, and what your loved ones think about him, what makes you happy and upset, what position during intimacy you like the most, and what is disgusting. The partner should not make assumptions about you – this is how representatives of the stronger sex are arranged, they like to keep any situation under their control. Omissions do not contribute to the strengthening of relations.

Be faithful not only physically, but also emotionally

Men are more hurt not by physical infidelities - perhaps, each of them is not without sin, so a couple of times in a lifetime may forgive sexual infidelity. But emotional infidelities frighten them, because they drop self-esteem. For example, when you prefer instead of his company to chat with friends, chat with someone in messenger, rather than listen to your partner about how his day went, it really hurts him. Your spouse may decide that you only need him for bed fun and money, and you don't care about his feelings and thoughts, because you share your emotions with anyone but him.

To respect the personal space of the partner in life

It is vital for all men to spend time with friends from time to time – you do not need to accompany him everywhere: with the company of his friends, to visit the sauna or football matches, when a friend comes to visit him to drink beer, sit with them and interfere in their male conversations. There are some activities that not only do not require a female presence, but in which it becomes completely undesirable. While your partner spends time on his own taste, take time for yourself - meet a friend, watch a movie and eat a box of cakes, so that he does not see and couldn't reproach you for getting fat.

Treat your partner's family and friends with due respect

Not always warm relations develop with relatives and friends of the chosen one. If this happened in your case, no one forces you to accept them at home on all significant dates for your union. Just let your partner spend as much time with them as they need. So he will always be happy, and you will not accidentally fall into any awkwardness, avoiding unnecessary communication with them and observing neutrality towards them.

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