Friendly sex: how and why?

Friendly sex: how and why?

If for some friendly sex is taboo, others are trying to derive benefits from it not only for health, but also for making the wildest fantasies come real. Let's try to figure out how to steer friendly sex on the right course.

It is not so uncommon for a friendly intimacy to develop into a relationship and even end up creating a family. But, such a relationship can also lead to affection and suffering, since most often only one of the partners has feelings for the other.

We suggest that you use a few tips to help you keep your peace of mind.

Don't stay with your partner overnight

Nights spent together are often full of heartfelt conversations, cuddling and romance. However, this does not fit into yorur plans in any way, if it is nothing more than friendly sex. If it goes beyond physical intimacy, then affection is unlikely to be avoided. Before taking your relationship to the next level, consider whether you need it or not.

Don't be afraid to talk about your desires

You are here together in order to please each other. This means that you do not need to be afraid to speak directly about your desires. This is the main advantage of friendly sex.

Don't forget about contraception

Even if you have sex with a person with whom you have known all your life, you should not ignore contraception. Even if you have a spiral or you are taking hormonal drugs, always use condom. No man will tell you about the details of his intimate life. Moreover, by doing this you will protect yourself from unwanted pregnancy.

Don't set affections upon a friend

Don't allow yourself more than just sex. That is, no vacation with this friend, no shopping trips and no round-the-clock texting. Friendly sex and that’s all! Why would you suffer for another narcissistic boy?

Stick to boundaries

If you suddenly feel that you are feeling something for your partner, you will certainly want to know more about him. You will start looking for information about him, his social circle, interests, occupations. Whenever you have an idea like this, remind yourself that friendly sex does not involve interfering into your partner’s life. Therefore, have a cup of coffee with a friend and forget about it.

Don't talk about your sex life

Even your best friend shouldn't be aware of your intimate life. Remember that friendly sex and relationships are two different things. Each of the partners lives his own life, there can be no jealousy. Think about it yourself, why let others know the details of your sex? So you will humiliate not only yourself, but also your friend.

Keep looking for a serious relationship partner

Despite all your friend's skill in bed, sooner or later you will have to think about starting a family. Friendly sex is not a hindrance to an active search for your soul mate.