How does the lack of sex affect a woman?

How does the lack of sex affect a woman?

On the one hand, women often want to compromise and have sex with a partner, even if they don't want. On the other hand, they are often completely unaware of what negative consequences this can lead to.

Why does this experience exist? Because we often follow the wishes of our beloved. It's easy for a man to get aroused. He just needs to have a look at his woman and to touch his penis! For girls, everything is much more complicated. We need not only foreplay, but also a proper atmosphere. And if a lady is worried about some problems, then it's better not to appeal to her libido at all - it's useless.

Women often admit that they give consent to sex without wanting to, for example, simply giving in to their spouse. However, this compliance can have negative consequences.

Why is sex without desire dangerous?

Consider these negative consequences.

Microcracks in the vaginal area

They are formed due to a lack of natural lubrication. And by the way, lubricant does not always help in such situations. This is why it is so important that intimacy happens with mutual desire. Or penetration must necessarily be preceded by foreplay, so that the woman is excited, and her reproductive system is activated and developed the required amount of natural lubrication.

Disorders of the genital organs

In general, intimacy is necessary not only for pleasure and relaxation, but to prevent blood stagnation in the pelvic organs. So the girl should be aroused and experience an orgasm. If sex occurs without desire, the plan does not work, and the blood stagnates, leading to the development of pathologies in the uterus and ovaries.

Hormonal disruptions

They affect both the reproductive system and women's health in general. First of all, since during intercourse, when you are aroused, endorphin is produced in the body - the hormone of joy. If sex happens without desire, there will be neither endorphins, nor joy. The longer and more often such intimacy happens, the more the woman gets upset. Moreover, the work of the pituitary gland and the thyroid gland may be disrupted, which is fraught with even more dangerous consequences for the hormonal sphere.

Psychological disorders

Don't sacrifice yourself for your partner. He will most likely not appreciate such efforts, because he is unlikely to ever learn about them or understand what is wrong with them. In addition, intimacy without desire threatens a woman with chronic fatigue, nervous breakdowns, a decrease in self-esteem and even a depressive state.

Conflicts with a partner

They begin after the man finds out that you have been having sex with him unwillingly for two months. The partner does not understand why this is happening and why the woman doesn't talk about it. And if a man doesn't know about your tortures, you start getting annoyed at him more and more often. Your anger on your partner can ruin your relationship. But it's not too late to talk about it with a partner.