How does work affect sexual relations?

How does work affect sexual relations?

An active life in the city, especially work, can have a very negative effect on sexual desire. These problems later become a reason for visiting psychologists and sexologists.

Scientists have found out how a profession can affect sex, and what to do if work interferes with your personal life.

Hazardous chemicals

As you might guess, work in a chemical production has an extremely negative effect not only on the reproductive system, but also on the body as a whole. Small disruptions in the functioning of one of the systems can lead to negative consequences at the most unexpected moment. Poisonous fumes primarily affect the respiratory system, then penetrate into the bloodstream and start destructive processes. It is not surprising that in such conditions the libido begins to gradually fade, or even disappears altogether - all the body's forces go to the fight against toxins. There is only one way out of the situation: if you feel that after 2-3 months of work in the chemical industry you have problems not only in bed, but also in everyday life in general, it's time to think about changing the field of activity, while you can still quickly recover.

Strenuous mental activity

Often, programmers, as well as people whose profession is connected with serious intellectual activity, for example, scientists, face intimate problems. Usually, such individuals are completely immersed in work that cannot be called easy, they turn to logic not only in their office, but also when communicating with the opposite sex. They simply do not allow feelings to prevail over reason, which in the context of sexual intercourse is not very useful. If you recognize yourself in this description, try to balance your work and personal life. Take communication with people, especially with the opposite sex, a little easier. There is no need to constantly control yourself, sometimes you should relax a little.

Physical overwork

Most experts claim that vigorous physical activity has a negative effect on the genitourinary system. There may be several factors: from temperature changes to the use of various stimulants, when it comes to athletes. In addition, constant physical stress is almost always accompanied by stress, which is perhaps the most negative factor for intimate life, since sex hormones are highly sensitive to fluctuations in cortisol. Try not to overexert yourself, avoid hypothermia, overheating and other situations that will make your soul mate suffer from lack of intimacy. Be attentive to your body and contact specialists in time.