How they first tried something unusual in bed

How they first tried something unusual in bed

How do people learn about their own preferences? It's very simple - they try, and experiment. And how do they find out that they have an unusual addiction to sex? Recently, a forum discussed exactly when participants realized that they had strange intimate habits and fantasies. And here are the stories shared by the forum members.

"Once my beloved was jokingly given fur handcuffs for her birthday. I also jokingly decided to use them... In general, this is where it all started."

"We decided to celebrate Halloween in college. My girlfriend tried on the image of a burlesque queen, and her friend - a striptease dancer in a police uniform. After Halloween, I asked my partner to wear a costume corset. She changed her clothes and then entered the room in a stunning look... Her mouth-watering breasts in the cutout of her corset looked so tempting! She also took the handcuffs. She strapped my hands to the headboard of the bed and gave me a truly luxurious blowjob. Now I love being tied up during oral sex and have a particular weakness for corsets."

"For a long time, I met a girl who loved sex in the style of "porn". She enjoyed playing for the camera, making loud moans, using dirty words, and practicing classic poses from adult movies. We liked to repeat scenes from porn, and I became wildly aroused by such things."

"My girlfriend started tickling me, and I jokingly said that if she didn't stop right away, I would tie her hands. In the end, it was one of the hottest nights in the history of our relationship."

"My girlfriend and I were staying at a friend's house. We were sitting on the couch, looking at the TV. At one point, it was just the two of us, and she took off everything but her stockings. Then she put her foot between my legs and started stroking me. I don't know which turned me on more - the stockings or her legs."

"I always wanted to try something unordinary, but I was shy. One day I met a new guy, and he asked me if I wanted anything out of the usual. I honestly told him that I have long dreamed of trying BDSM games. To be more precise, I wanted to be his dog. The guy had recently purchased a collar for his dog, and it did not fit it. And it fit me perfectly! Anyway, we've been married for two years and we're living out our wildest fantasies."

"My boyfriend and I decided to go swimming. I took off my bathing suit and we had sex in the pool. There was no one around, but the adrenaline was pumping through my system. That was awesome!»

"I just realized that my favorite perversion is reading stories about other people's perversions."