How to act to have regular sex in the relations

How to act to have regular sex in the relations

The married couples shared their own secrets how they manage to keep their sexual relations after many years of marriage life.

“The Cut” magazine spoke to married couples who live for many years, but have sex in the way they had during the first months of the relationship.

They told about their own ways to retain passion. “We never, never, never(!) check the mail and messages of each other. It’s no good doing that.” – Tanya, 29 years old, married for two years.

“Thanks to what is our marriage happy? We don’t ask ourselves if we are happy.”-  Emy, 39 years old, married for 9 years.

“The lubricant. I keep the lubricant with myself.” - Liza, 50 years old, married for 21 years”.

“Learn to bite your tongue” – Linda, 45 years old, married for 16 years.

“I don’t know anything about his income, and he doesn’t think about mine. Have he paid the tax in time? It’s cool, it’s not my problem.” – Elena, 33 years old, married for 5 years.

 “We have sex once during the week no matter what happens. If not to do this, then in the result you will feel yourself neighbors in the apartment.” – Valeria, 36 years old, married for 10 years.

“You can hire a cleaner” – Igor, 35 years old, married for 9 years.

“Blow job. I get away practically with everything if I constantly do blowjob.” – Veronica. 44 years old, married for 23 years.

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