How to make the missionary pose much cooler

How to make the missionary pose much cooler

No matter how much they criticize boring retired sex, and the missionary position still does not lose popularity. And not just because of its simplicity. I wonder what the representatives of the stronger sex like most about it?

Close body contact

This is a great position if a man is a little lazy to make love. You may slowly move and enjoy.


Errors are excluded here. A man does not need to control his movements or be afraid of hitting the headboard of the bed because of too sharp maneuvers. Everything is simple, clear and, most importantly, safe.

A man may hide his face

If the partner does not want you to see his grimaces during sex, he may bury his face in your neck or ear. And a man may whisper pleasant words to you, which will only increase the excitement and the approach of orgasm.

He sets the rhythm

The man is on top, which means that he can completely control his own movements and most of yours. Of course, you may agree on everything, if he is not too selfish.

In front of him is a beautiful view of everything

The partner may raise himself on his hands or lower himself to get an opportunity to admire your charms.

And yet it's intimate

The missionary position brings you closer in every sense.

It is convenient at any time

In this position, you may have sex even in the early morning, even in the dead of night. Its main advantage is its simplicity. Complex poses are best left for thoughtful intimacy after a cup of invigorating coffee.

Looking at the ceiling, you can't see what's going on around you

If a man may hardly be called clean, the only clean place in his apartment is the ceiling. In addition, if you cast greedy glances at the remains of dinner on the table, he will easily distract you with a kiss.

Nothing will fall on the man

In this position, the traces of sperm after orgasm will not be left on him. But you may get dirty.

You may wrap your legs around him

There is nothing difficult here, and a man will be pleased with such a hug.