How to talk to a man about improving sex and not to offend him

How to talk to a man about improving sex and not to offend him

Very often it happens so that men get offended if they hear any claims concerning intimacy. Every man thinks he is the best. But if a man makes some mistakes in sex, should a woman keep silent? How to speak of it?

It's not worth starting with a claim at all. Of course, you can find a partner on the side or keep silently. But is it good? After all, you can talk delicately with your partner. The main thing in a conversation is to share your desires. The partner can either agree or refuse. You should be ready for any scenario. And what exactly to say? Imagine what kind of sex turns you on.

Write your ideal sex script on paper. Say it in front of the mirror. Do you want to bring it to life? Or let it remain in fantasy? So, you have decided on what you want from your partner. How to tell him about it? The main thing is not to start a conversation with complaints. Start praising him. Then, very carefully, but confidently, tell him about your desires. After that, praise him again. Exactly. Praise - your deepest desires - praise. And remember that your partner has the right to refuse you.

It is worth looking for compromises and moving towards each other. This is the only way to find something new and common. It is also worth telling about your desires correctly. It is important to tell in such a way that the partner gets excited by the story itself. So that he is inspired with your desires.

But it may turn out that the partner will still not be interested in something new in sexual life. Should you tolerate such relationship where sex is not satisfying and does not suit you? It’s up to you.