Known and unknown erogenic zones of a man

Known and unknown erogenic zones of a man

As far as sensitivity is concerned, a penis can be compared with clitoris. A sexologist Alex May revealed the most sensitive parts of a penis. Here are they.


These are the sides of an erected penis. The sensitivity of these zones is similar to that of a clitoris. Touch them gently with lips or fingers. The pressure should be increased little by little.


This zone is situated right under the bridle string. Caress is with stretched lips as though putting your mouth on the dome slowly and gently.

Corona of glans penis

Your man will get an exquisite pleasure if you concentrate on corona of glans penis. Try caressing it and not touch other parts of penis. Switch from left to right.

 The back side of the corona

It can be found under the bridle string from its back side. Caress it with the centre of a palm and with your tongue. Here you need lots of lubrication.


Urethra mouth

Touch it with a tip of your tongue. Before the game ask your boyfriend if he doesn’t mind. The pain is unacceptable here. It’s one of the most sensitive parts of a man’s penis.

Penis shaft

Reciprocating mouth movements are the key to success. Use your cheeks, tongue and lips in the process. Work with your hands - men like these things.

Bridle string

Move your tongue slowly on it. Bridle string contains a lot of nerve endings. Use lots of saliva or lubrication.