A list of the best sex positions for hand job

A list of the best sex positions for hand job

They say that the best gift is the one made with your hands. It’s all the same with sex. Hand-job can deliver as much pleasure as sex with penetration.

You mustn’t forget that like any sex activity, hand job needs lubrication. The palms bacome more sliding and the process gets more pleasant.

There are the following sex positions for hand job

1. King

The partner should lie on his back totally relaxed. You, grasp his penis at the base with both hands. Then swipe it 7 times up and 1 time down. If the man likes it, then continue caressing until orgasm comes. Don’t forget that by varying the force of pressure and the speed of your movements, you either bring closer or delay the peak of pleasure.

2.Twins or mirror pose

Both partners sit opposite each other, while the woman can kneel down and slightly spread her legs. The partner, with a slight movement of the index and middle fingers, wraps around her vulva (the letter V should turn out) so that the clitoris is between these fingers and begins to caress.

3. Push up, one, two

The woman should lie on her back, and the man should locate above her, as thought doing  push-ups. It is important that the penis should be right above the woman's face. The position is not easy, but the of orgasm is worth it. If a woman does not feel like oral sex, then she can do a hand job.

4. New doggy style.

It may turn out to be much more interesting if you don’t penetrate immediately or don’t do it at all. Manual caresses may include nit just vulva, but also asshole if you and the partner both enjoy it.

Try experimenting and enjoy hand job and not it alone

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