Top 5 most exciting sex positions: male view

Top 5 most exciting sex positions: male view

Quick sex can be just as enjoyable for both partners as leisurely sex - it's just that they are completely different from each other. The first is good for its spontaneity and unbridled passion, which is impossible to achieve either through foreplay or through silk bedding. Would you like to try? Then consider the 5 poses listed below.

Soul to soul

Ask your partner to rub your back when you shower, or just call him to the bathroom and start some conversation allowing him to admire your charms. Invite him to join, lather him, caress his body with your hands, then you can switch roles. Use a shower head by placing it between your thighs and directing the jet of water towards your intimate organs. Bring each other to a violent orgasm - this morning you will go to work not only washed, but also happy.

Erotic alarm clock

Your man’s morning has never started this way yet: carefully remove the blanket from him and start kissing his thighs, legs, lower abdomen and penis. When your partner wakes up, saddle him silently and insert his penis into you. You can direct your beloved's hands at your discretion - to your boobs, waist or buttocks.

Commercial break

Catch the moment when your partner settles in a chair to watch a movie. Sit on his lap and start rubbing your whole body against him - by this point he will be carried away by a completely different picture. Then take off his clothes and undress yourself to start more active actions. This position, a variation of the cowgirl, gives you plenty of room for imagination - you can keep your legs level or throw one of them over the arm of the chair. A man at this moment can support and guide you, and you can firmly hug him by the neck so as not to lose balance. The sensations will be so impressive that a commercial break will be enough for you to reach orgasm.

Party for two

The most desperate can have sex right at a boring party, retiring in the toilet or in a separate bedroom. Then you just need to sit down somewhere or lean your back on something, and your partner - to come closer to you, lift your skirt and ... Throw passionate glances at each other and exchange hot kisses in the process to add even more piquancy to what is happening.

Surfer girl

This position assumes a stable sofa surface, however it is best to practice it on the floor. Stand face to face with your legs wide apart. Maybe someone will have to sit lower, which will take some effort. Help the man to penetrate you, move your hips towards you, and when both reach the boiling point, stop and ... start over. The longer you put off orgasm, the more pleasant sensations it will give you!