5 movies where actors had real sex

5 movies where actors had real sex

Not everything is staged in movies. There are films where the actors had sex for real. So, we present to your attention the most scandalous and discussed films that will really inflame your imagination.


The erotic drama "Intimacy" created waves in 2021. And this is due to the real sex of the main characters and a very frank blowjob scene, which was shot in close-up.

"9 songs"

A short film, in which a couple in love has sex wherever they need it, is recommended for viewing with a partner. Even the orgasms in this film, according to the creators, are also real.


The main character of the movie, a woman, together with a friend, goes in search of pleasant sensations in a gay club. In order for the actress to completely relax, the cameraman also worked naked. Fair enough, isn't it?

"The Brown Bunny"

The role in this movie  brought  scandalous fame to Chloe Sevigny. The fact is that here she is actually engaged in oral sex.


Gaspard Noé's highly controversial masterpiece, which was released last year, surpassed all of the above films.

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