Oral sex techniques

Oral sex techniques

Sexologist Anastasia Vinogradnaya said that various techniques can be used during a blowjob. And all of them will make a man lose his head with pleasure.

Are you so hot that you want to plunge into a cold pool? You can do that. Take an ice cube, hold it in your mouth and after two or three minutes go to your man, grabbing a glass of cold water. This will keep the sensation and keep the penis from freezing. But it's better not to play with ice cream. Sugar is not the best company for the genitals.

You can also use the opposite effect - take something hot, for example, tea. The main thing is not to get burned. Hold the hot drink in your mouth and head along the familiar route, taking a glass of warm tea or water. Take a sip about once a minute. Hot drinks, by the way, do a great job of relieving the unpleasant sensation of clenching the jaw, and go well with deep throat.

Want something even more piquant? Take champagne or a glass of mineral water with gas. Here you need skill, since the liquid must certainly be in the mouth - it is better to train in advance. The bubbles will pleasantly tingle the glans head and give a very peculiar sensation.

And finally, an option for young ladies who do not suffer from increased tooth sensitivity. This is a hot-cold technique. Take a glass of ice water and a mug of hot tea with you. Alternate sips of different liquids. He will definitely be over the moon.

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