Pornhub has removed all unconfirmed content from the site

Pornhub has removed all unconfirmed content from the site

Pornhub admitted that it uses a number of technologies to recognize prohibited content. Representatives of the world's largest adult portal PornHub assured that they removed all videos that contained unacceptable scenes.

The website published the first report on the topic of transparency, shedding light on the methods of content selection. Pornhub has removed 653,465 banned videos. This refers to videos that contain scenes of a sexual nature involving children, violence, sexual intercourse with animals and their torment.

Pornhub reported that it uses several methods to identify illegal content. Last year, it viewed previously posted videos using YouTube CSAI Match. This technology is patented; it allows you to detect photos of sexual abuse of persons under the age of 18. They also scanned all the available images using Microsoft PhotoDNA, created for the same purpose.

The scandalous situation with Pornhub: what happened?

In 2020, PornHub was accused of publishing a video containing violent scenes on children. The NYT says the site is overflowing with prohibited content. Allegedly, the shooting was carried out at the expense of hidden cameras. The site has materials from personal archives that were leaked online for reasons of revenge.

The portal reacted immediately to the accusation. Its representatives made a statement that they are fighting unconditionally against materials about sexual abuse of minors.

After the incident, the site restricted the ability to upload and download videos. In December 2020, the administration announced that all unverified videos would be blocked.