Positions for quiet sex: 5 positions for couples

Positions for quiet sex: 5 positions for couples

Not just feelings but wild passion also helps to improve relationship. There can be no rules as far as sex is concerned. Scheduled sex in the same place is boring. Therefore you can have sex in the house of your parents or when visiting other relatives.

However, here you still have to follow one small rule - sex should be quiet. You don't want to be caught doing it, do you?

Does it seem to you that sex in the parents’ home or at a party is impossible? Just try it! Even if it is quiet, it is very exciting. And in order not to wake up the neighbors, you need to use positins in which you do not have to move a lot and make noise. Let's have a look at them.

Doggy style

As easy as pie. The girl is on her knees, resting her hands on the floor. The guy penetrates from behind. Good for both partners. It is advisable to put pillows under your knees, otherwise you risk rubbing them on the carpet.

Quick sex

The girl puts one foot on the chair, and the man penetrates her from behind. Simple and convenient. And yes, prepare a pillow in case you cannot keep silent while getting pleasure. Burying your face in it, you can even sigh, which will excite your partner.

Washing machine

Sex on the washing machine is quite unusual. It is especially convenient when the machine is working. So no one will hear the sounds of your intercourse. And vibration will only intensify your sensations. Remember to close the door when you are having fun with your partner at a party so that you don't get caught.

Position "X"

The man lies on his side, and the woman lies on her back perpendicular to his body. She throws her legs over his hips so that he can easily penetrate her. This position allows you to move to a minimum, and gives you maximum pleasure, because the penetration is deep enough.

Oral sex

One of the easiest ways to satisfy your partner quietly. The main thing is not to choke with a penis in your mouth. Otherwise, neighbors may think you need help.

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