Top 7 positions for sex with a rope or handcuffs

Top 7 positions for sex with a rope or handcuffs

Variety in a sexual intercourse is a necessary matter, but sometimes it is rather intricate. When you want something new, you needn’t reinvent the wheel, you only should try positions with your hands bound. And for sex you can use the following true friends: handcuffs from a sex shop, a thong, ropes or ordinary scotch.

If you have added some acuity to your sex and you want to add domination games, you can try a few positions, when you would feel comfortable with your hands bound.


And such a gentle pose as “spoon” can be bold if “the little spoon” is bound at the front. On the whole, it’s a symbolic mark – you shouldn’t tighten the wrists with a real rope, just with a ribbon or soft handcuffs from a sex shop.

X Position

This position is for those who have a beautiful bed with grating. You should lie on your stomach in the X position, part hands and legs. You can hold the grating or ask your partner to bind you to the bed. It would be excellent if your partner can massage and relax you. The charm of this position is in this.

Eyes in Eyes

It is a very frank position, when you lie face to face to each other on the side, one of you has handcuffs on the left hand, and the other – on the right hand. It happens so that only one of you can caress yourself with one hand, and the other can pay attention to the partner. On the whole, it can be like an amusing game.

Position for Playful Foreplay

It is an excellent position if you have a horizontal bar, to which you can fasten one of you. With your hands raised upwards, you can’t stand for long. So this is a position rather for playful foreplay: you can caress your partner with your hand or your mouth, and then you should unfasten him.  

On a Chair

It is good if you have a bar chair. However, if you haven’t got the one, you can lie on an ordinary low chair. Only you have to choose a position: not bending being standing, but a position on all fours. You can bind your wrists or ankles to the legs of the chair. It is important not to forget about the ropes and not to try to straighten sharply.


Put him on the back, bind his hands and legs and everything is all right. You shouldn’t forget to sit on top of him so that he wouldn’t get drowsy. If he has got drowsy, you will wake him up.

On the knees!

This position is suitable for those who have no problems with cuiffing and you feel yourself relaxed on the knees with your buttons raised upwards. If you have no rope near you, your partner can ask you to hold out with your hands.

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