Top 7 recommendations for an office affair: follow the rules of the game

Top 7 recommendations for an office affair: follow the rules of the game

Most people spend much time on work and it is quite clear that they have close relations there. You have more chances to meet people with whom you have common interests on the working place. Besides, most employees who have a relationship with colleagues prefer to keep distance on the working place.

And now let’s speak about the advantages and drawbacks of an office affair, and prepare our own rules of an affair at work.

According to the experts, nowadays on average most people work during the year on 164 hours more than approximately 20 years ago. And in spite of a huge demand for cellphone services for acquaintances, most people get to know each other on the working place.

It is important to follow the given rules of the game:

Be aware of the risk

It is important to think about the risk – and there are many of them. Actually, the relations can develop and it will hurt somebody’s feelings. Besides, the conflicts of interests can appear and they are difficult to be solved.

Kind intention

Judging by the reaction of the colleagues you can learn what they think of your motive. If they understood that you try to find a relationship to satisfy your needs, no matter if it was advancement in career, they would be less favorable to you. According to the results of the conducted investigations, colleagues on the whole positively regard you when they see that you love and really take care of each other.

The company policy

The majority of organizations don’t allow its employees to have office affairs. If you don’t follow the rules, you have to acknowledge that as soon as possible.

You shouldn’t have an affair with your boss

You shouldn’t have an affair with your boss because such relations are negatively regarded in the collective. It happens due to the fact that in such a situation the conflicts of the interests reveal very acutely. According to the experts, affairs between a boss and a subordinate actually occur very often and develop in the favorable way.

Don’t conceal

According to the experts, you shouldn’t conceal your affair with a boss from the collective. When everybody knows about it, it reduces awkwardness and increases the probability they will take your affair positively. The secret affair ends worse and can “cause corrosion” in the work relationships.

A boss is the first person whom you should tell about an office affair. If you feel that it is not worth doing it, put yourself on the place of the boss. When you tell them about your affairs, you give them the chance to make a reasonable decision. Whether you tell about it to the HR managers or not, will depend on the company rules and how much you trust your colleagues from the HR department.

If you want to share this news with other colleagues, talks about your affair must be the most important gossip in the office.

Set the bounds and support the balance

Romantic relations at work can increase the satisfaction from the work, but they can negatively tell on the efficiency if we start to get distracted as a result of confusion of your own and professional life.

If you’ve departed

If you decide to part with an office employee, you should prepare to it as soon as possible. If you find it difficult to stay at work with him, you should think of the change of your work or go to other department.

On the basis of the above mentioned information we come to the conclusion that office affairs must help, not interfere with your work. Companies are mainly concentrated on the search for excellent specialists, analyzing the productiveness and increase the concernment. All this is very important, but you shouldn’t forget that your employees are people.

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