Rules for all sides of a love triangle

Rules for all sides of a love triangle

Threesome sex is a very eccentric solution for couples who decide to add variety to their intimate life. However, in order for it bring exceptionally pleasant emotions, you should adhere to some rules.

Discuss all the details with your partners

It doesn't matter who exactly will take part in triolism (threesome sex) - two women and a man, two men and a woman, three women or three men, everyone should discuss the nuances. While watching porn films, it seems that everything is extremely simple and everyone does what they want. However, there is a well thought out script and certain poses. The participants of a threesome sex should pay special attention to sex positions. For this it is worth looking through the "Kamasutra".

Do not choose the "third" from among your acquaintances

It is highly undesirable to invite friends, colleagues or neighbors for threesome sex. Otherwise, after triolism, it will be simply awkward for you to look each other in the eyes. There are, of course, couples who enjoy the experience so much that they practice it with certain people. However, if you and your partner just want to understand what it is like, it is better to find a third member on a dating site or in a club.

All participants need to be tested for STDs

This rule works in the event that partners do not have a certificate of passing such tests. Remember that during triolism, all participants can not only share infections, but also catch them. Condoms in this case do not guarantee safety at all. So, before having sex, all partners must be tested in order to be absolutely confident in their own health and the health of other participants.

Come up with stop words

Even if the partners decide to have threesome sex by mutual desire and consent, unpleasant moments during the process cannot be avoided. Someone can accidentally hurt someone, press down, penetrate sharply in a passionate impulse. For situations like this, stop words are required. As soon as the partner utters them, sex immediately pauses. Most importantly, do not use banal words like "enough" or "hurts" - they attract less attention. It's better to choose something unexpected, for example a "fire extinguisher" or "aphrodisiac".

Find neutral territory

The triolism in your bedroom is not the best idea. First, neighbors may know about it, and then everyone will feel even more awkward. Secondly, the participants simply will not be able to fully relax. So threesome sex is best practiced in a hotel or in the country.