Safe sex during the COVID-19 pandemic

Safe sex during the COVID-19 pandemic

Doctors in Canada have almost formally made recommendations on sexual behavior in a pandemic. It’s not about giving up sex.

Doctors suggest limiting the social circle to regular partners and treating new contacts with caution. If limiting sex activity is not in your plans, it is better to avoid oral sex and ... use medical masks in the process. It’s recommended that you use sex positions where you faces are not close to each other. Thus, thanks to the pandemic, sex can turn into an exciting role-playing game. Doggy-style in masks has already become the reason for numerous comics, jokes and memes, but - it is life!

Doctors confirm the insignificant possibility of getting infection through sperm. A much greater danger is coughing, so you should be especially careful about your and your partner's health. Fever is an absolute reason to postpone the meeting.

The basic rules of safe sex remain unshakable during a pandemic: the use of contraceptives to exclude unwanted pregnancies and the use of condoms as prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. But the recommendation to refrain from drinking alcohol and psychoactive substances is a recent trend: rational decision-making will help protect yourself and your partner from infection.