Scientists find out how burnout affects sex

Scientists find out how burnout affects sex

The result of the research is quite predictable: the stronger the emotional burnout, the less pleasure intimacy brings.

According to scientists, the way a person endures stressful situations affects sexual satisfaction. If he is experiencing emotional burnout, then he simply does not have enough energy for a rich intimate life. Sex therapist Stephen Snyder believes that the genitals are the most honest part of the body. If they refuse to play sex games, then the brain is clearly signaling that something went wrong. Lack of pleasure from intimacy which women experience can be associated with stress due to eternal burning deadlines, conflict situations with the authorities.

Men usually face such situations due to inner depletion. Scientists made these conclusions after a six-month analysis of the intimate life of doctors from Greece: the experiment involved 143 men and 108 women whose average age was 30 years. All of them faced problems at work, many of them experienced emotional burnout of some degree. As the stress increased, the doctors received less and less pleasant feelings from intimacy. men experienced problems with erection: it was either too weak or completely absent. Because of this, some men began to drink alcohol, which only worsened the situation. As for ladies, they can't get aroused, which leads to a decrease in the number and quality of orgasms.

Snyder concludes that sex is for happy people. So it's important to be able to balance your personal life and work. Thanks to this, you will be able to avoid burnout and not lose your sex vigor.