Scientists have found out what type of ladies love sex most

Scientists have found out what type of ladies love sex most

Scientists have made stunning conclusions: it turned out that the level of education of a woman and her political views directly affect the interest in sex life.

Several experiments were conducted under the guidance of sexologist Francisco Cabello. The object of the study was the female libido.

The Andalusian Institute of Sexology and Psychology, where Cabello works, has interviewed 22,000 women. The respondents live in different parts of the world, and they have only one thing in common: they all speak Spanish.

The purpose of the survey was to find out the attitude of women to sex and if there are problems with libido. The researchers wanted to understand the reasons why the level of sexual desire decreases.

Only one tenth of the women answered that they have some problems with sex. They didn’t have sexual fantasies and didn’t think about sex at all.

As a result of the survey the following conclusions were made:

  1. Poy-amorous women and those having a partner but living separately have the strongest sexual drive
  2. Lesbian and bisexua women love sex more than straight ladies
  3. Higher education guarantees the ove for sex. Not educated women love sex less.
  4. Housewives ove sex less then those who go to work.

The level of sexuality is actually influenced by the commitment of women to political movements. Who would have thought that the “leftists” can often be found in bed with partners, while the “rightists” and “centrists” lag behind - their libido was not so high.

And the last thing. Atheists showed better libido than religious women. Their libido is higher than that of those who go to the church.