Sex poses to prolong the pleasure

Sex poses to prolong the pleasure

Many experts advise not to use the doggy style pose if the pair wants to prolong the pleasure. As it was found out, the key role in getting pleasure from the coitus is given to the choice of a pose. If you want to prolong the coitus, you should use exactly two these poses.


Lie face to face to each other. The woman should put her leg on top of her partner’s thigh. The man should enter the penis into vagina and perform advancing movements. Some training is needed in order that everything takes place synchronically and right.

In this position the penetration is not so deep, but the partners can embrace and kiss. Your sex will last longer.


The partner must lie on his back and the woman must sit on top of him. She may sit straight or she may bend a little forward or backwards, leaning on her hands. You may move up and down, or you may perform circular movements. Try the two ways with your partner in order to choose the one you like better. Women would like exactly this pose because they decide when the partner will reach an orgasm. If you feel that your man wants to cum, bend a little forward so that penetration wouldn’t so deep.

If you want to prolong the coitus, you should avoid the doggy style position. In this position the man gets full power over his woman, so he can control the depth of penetration and the speed of the movements. The man cannot stop in time and cum quickly.

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