Sex positions during a pandemic

Sex positions during a pandemic

If you want to avoid any kind of infection, it is better to do without a partner and masturbate. If you have a regular partner, try to have sex only with him or her, because cheating on your partner may lead to catching a dangerous virus.

Safety rules to protect against coronavirus also apply to having sex: do not touch your face and eyes in the process, you need to wash your hands. Experts suggest five of the safest sex positions during a pandemic that will not harm partners:

    • keep a distance - during sex in the doggy style position,  look in different directions. It is advisable to wear masks, not to kiss, and in the case of oral sex, it is necessary to use contraceptives;

    • diversify sex with toys. To do this, you need to lie down on your partner's knees, spread your legs wider, and the partner will stimulate your vagina with different toys or fingers;

    • so that the virus is not transmitted with sweat and saliva, it is worth turning your backs to each other. The partner should also lean his back so that the girl can lower her vagina on his penis;

    • try tplaying with masturbation, coming up with different new tricks for each other, watch the process and get excited;

    • pegging - a pose that was known from the film Requiem for a Dream. This position will be equally pleasant for both girls and guys;

All these ideas will help you diversify your sex life even during such a dangerous period for your health. Do not forget to please each other and give the maximum of carnal pleasure!