Love me tender: 7 sex positions for a romantic night

Love me tender: 7 sex positions for a romantic night

But in everyday life, with its frantic rhythm and constant stress, it is not so easy to find the energy and time to organize a romantic evening with a hot continuation. In reality, it is not as difficult as it might seem. You just need to think carefully about every detail. Below there is a list of positions for gentle and romantic sex. It is especially good for young lovers or those who want to get thrilled again.

Measuring spoons

The man lies on his back, and the woman settles on top so that both are looking at the ceiling. The partner gently inserts his penis and begins to perform frictions, and she takes his hand and directs it towards the clitoris. Although in this position he can caress other erogenous zones of the beloved.

Soft rock

One of the versions of the missionary position. The man rests on his elbows, not lying on his partner with all his body. His legs are between her legs. At the same time, the movements look like this: the woman slightly raises her hips, and he lowers his, then the partners “diverge”. Indescribable feelings!

Close contact

The woman lies on her stomach, she stretches her arms along her body and spreads her legs a little. The man lies on top, leaning on his hands, his legs hug the legs of his partner. In the process, she brings her legs together and crosses them. This is a variation on the close contact doggy position.

Above the sky

Standing sex is not easy, but incredibly pleasant. To reduce the load on the spine, the man leans against a wall or table and takes the woman in his arms, holding her feet. The main thing is not to practice this position on a slippery floor.


The woman lies on her back, puts a pillow under her hips, raises her legs and bends them at the knees at right angles. At the same time, the angle of penetration also changes, which is one of the key advantages of this position. Another advantage is that a man can move, drawing an eight, and at the same time caress his partner's clitoris.

Position 68

Not everyone is equally successful in position 69. So why not try position 68? The woman lies on top, but face up, leaning on the man's legs bent at the knees. Then you can change.

Crab Race

Perfect position for a sensual night of love! Partners sit facing each other, leaning on their hands. The man spreads his legs slightly wider than the woman. It will be a little strange at first, but the result is definitely worth it!