3 sex positions for female multi-orgasm

3 sex positions for female multi-orgasm

Multiple orgasm is not a myth but a reality. If a partner knows how to stimulate erogenic zones, than a woman will be able to get orgasm several times. Sex position plays an important role in it.

According to cosmo.com.ua these are sexual positions which will enable a woman to experience orgasm many times.

Arc de Triumph

A man is lying on his back and a woman is standing on fours above him. A clitoris should be right above a man’s face. A partner can fondle the clitoris while a woman can control the pressure of stimulation by bending her back and changing the angle of her hips.

The Princess on the Pea

If you want to get bright emotions during sex, use a roller and some pillows. A woman is standing on her fours and puts a pillow under her hip bone. A man is standing behind in doggy-style position. The penetration is very deep and G-spot is well stimulated. Also a woman can rub her clitoris against a pillow.

Sliding and rubbing

Actually this is an upgraded missionary position. A woman is lying on her back and a man is moving so that to rub her clitoris with his share-bone.

A woman can get maximum pleasure if she doesn’t open her legs, but puts them together.

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