Sex scenarios for an unforgettable night

Sex scenarios for an unforgettable night

Couples in love know that the table can be used not only for a romantic dinner, but also in order to have sex as a dessert.  There are even songs about sex on the kitchen table. But what about fantasies about office sex on the desk? Just thinking about it can turn on your partner. In reality it“s  even more exciting. 

A table is a great option for hot and quick sex, as well as a chair, sofa, bed. Let's figure out why the table is so popular with ardent lovers, and how to use it correctly to get tremendous pleasure. A couple of our “hot board game” life hacks will definitely be helpful.

Down with the tablecloth

Even if the tablecloth on the table is made of rubber, under two hot naked bodies it can become slippery like a roller coaster. The situation is even worse with a textile tablecloth. It not only glides terribly on the table surface, but also leaves unpleasant marks on the skin.

Move the table against the wall

During a passionate intercourse, your legs may slip off the table and you will fly to the floor with the man. On the one hand, it can amuse you, but on the other, you can get serious injuries. In any case, although sex is often spontaneous, take care of your safety beforehand.

No glass and sharp surfaces

No matter how strong a glass table may seem to you, you can’t be sure that it can withstand two adults on it. Also, do not do this on a shabby wooden surface. Such sex will leave not so much deep impressions as multiple wounds and splinters.

No unnecessary items on the table

There should be nothing on the table except you, lubricants and condoms. Only in films do they show how the secretary has sex with the boss on the desk, where there is a laptop, a bunch of folders and other office supplies. In reality, all of these items can hurt both of you.

Use a pillow or blanket

A hard surface can degrade the experience of having sex on the floor or table. It hurts the knees, then the tailbone, then the elbows. To avoid this, place a pillow or blanket under you. Just do not spread the blanket all over the table, otherwise it will turn out like a tablecloth.