6 sex tricks that a man should have

6 sex tricks that a man should have

If the partners are satisfied with everything in sex, it may be called ideal. This is the key criterion. We are not talking about an enchanting orgasm and unusual poses. The amount of sex also doesn't really matter. Everything is individual.

Success in sex does not depend on the length of your penis. And an impeccable knowledge of Kamastura is not a guarantee that everything will go perfectly.

You can name 6 rules, the observance of which will allow you to count on harmony in sex. Following them, it is easy to achieve maximum pleasure when making love.

Do not neglect hygiene

Do you think that taking a shower every couple of days is excessive and the wrong approach to water consumption? There is some truth in this, but for the sake of good sex, it is worth making an exception. Take a shower just before you go to bed with your beloved. A good lover is considered the one who monitors hygiene.

Make time for foreplay

Representatives of the fair sex differ from men in that they are more important to the action than the result. Yes, and to get excited they need more time. Do not neglect the foreplay; it will raise you in the eyes of a woman.

Ask her how she feels from time to time

Be sure to ask your partner if she likes you making love on the kitchen table or washing machine. Maybe she wants to have sex in the shower?

Don't give up on experimenting

Sexual experiments have a positive effect on everyone. Periodically offer your girlfriend something new. You will be pleasantly surprised when she thanks you for the experiment that will bring her to the peak of pleasure.

Think about your own pleasure

A man should be responsible for his own pleasure. Everyone talks about the female orgasm, forgetting about the male pleasure. This is due to the fact that it is easier for the stronger sex to reach the peak of pleasure. Take care of your orgasm yourself; don't expect your partner to pay too much attention to you.

Don't take sex too seriously

Too serious attitude to sex can spoil the most pleasant romantic evening. If sex is like a serious marathon for you, your girlfriend will get nervous; it will be difficult for her to relax. A light attitude to the action in bed will speed up the pleasure, help to open up. If you want to defuse the situation with a joke – do it.

Follow these recommendations and you will have no problems with sex. The main thing is to remember that sex should be fun, try to get rid of doubts and worries.

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