Sexologist told how to recognize cheating

Sexologist told how to recognize cheating

Sexologist Anna Ambartsumyan gave several tips how to understand if the person will cheat on his partner. It is evident from the first date.

In social nets it’s difficult to find the length of a person’s foot. But a real date will let you know if a person is a love-rat or a decent guy.

Polygamy is a norm

People of both genders behave the same way. People who approve of polygamy and say that it’s a norm in modern world and it’s a major way to be happy, usually are likely to cheat. Monogamy is a strange thing for them.

Roving glance

The sexologists invites you to pay attention to the glance of a partner. If he or she has an roving glance, it means he is constantly looking for a new partner or a new love. You are not likely to be the only one for him or her.

Denying the possibility of cheating.

Such people like to talk about cheating all the time. They say that they are against it and try to prove it to you. Also they are very jealous of your friends and ex-partners. Such people are likely to cheat themselves.