Sexologists named top-5 must-try sex positions for every couple

Sexologists named top-5 must-try sex positions for every couple

If you are bored with classic traditional sex positions, you should diversify your sex. Although classic positions are simple and easy to do, they don’t always bring carnal delight.

Many people prefer the classics, treating with a prejudice to experiments, but in any case, it's worth trying something new. Sex experts offer married couples the top 5 must-try positions, but they are not classics.

    • side contact. Thanks to this position, you can enjoy both vaginal and anal sex, while you can stimulate the girl's clitoris. At the same time, the partner can hold on to the girl's shins in order to penetrate her deeper, and the girl herself can raise her legs to fall into real ecstasy;

    • mirrored doggy style. In this position, you can change the intensity and speed. It is in this position that you can synchronize well and understand what exactly the partner wants;

    • new version of scissors. The girl lies on her side, the man penetrates from behind. In this position, you can also stimulate the woman’s clitoris;

    • pleasant vibrating massage. One partner should be taller - sitting on a couch or armchair, the second partner is based below. A vibrator is put between the penis and the vagina, while vibrations from the toy itself and from each other's bodies will be felt;

 • knee support. This position is especially good if the man is taller than his partner. The couple is in the missionary position, but at the same time the man’s knees rest on the bed, while the woman’s legs hug his hips.

These positions will help you diversify your sexual life so that it does not become boring and will give you and your partner new emotions and sensations. It is possible that the descriptions will sound familiar to you, but once you try it with your partner, you will realize that they have a special twist. In these positions, women and men can be especially aroused, so if your feelings have cooled slightly, new positions will help bring back the fire in your sexual relationship!