Sexual boredom: who is guilty and what to do

Sexual boredom: who is guilty and what to do

In the opinion of Ukrainians, sex in their life is not on the first, on the second and even on the tenth place. The need of our citizens in sex is on the 17th place. Such deplorable data were presented by sociologists. Due to this reason the expert Elena Kuzmich says how to behave if you get bored in sex.

1. It is worth going to a meeting. When a pair lives together for many years, the romance of the first years of life has been forgotten, the everyday life became more important, and due to this reason the first method which is capable to “warm up” your intimate relationship is a meeting.

However, there is one important condition – you shouldn’t go to it together. For example, let women come from their work earlier, have a bath, put on elegant undergarment and go to a meeting. If you go to a meeting together, you will urge each other up and start arguing, and it is not worth doing. While meeting, you shouldn’t speak about politics, sums, the marks of your children at school. It is recommended to mention what kinds of books pictures you prefer, when you went for a walk or went to the theatre. Such a meeting shouldn’t end with sex, but if you have a passion, then you can have sex.

2. One more method is beautiful undergarment. Go and buy soft silk underwear, sexy lace or comfortable cotton. However, buy the undergarment together and you can turn it into a sensitive playful process in the fitting room. Or you can organize the “erotic demonstration of fashion”, listening to the comments of a consultant at the shop.

3. One more approach of our list is visiting a sex shop together. You shouldn’t be shy since erotic accessories can improve the quality of sex and overcome the dullness in bed. Beginning with rugs for twister and finishing with arrangements for sex. And one more advice – buy a lubricant of high quality, it will be necessary in love affairs.

4. If you prefer something more impressive, then you should watch porno together. Videos are chosen according to your taste, it gives you an opportunity to be excited from the first minutes of watching.

5. And the last but not the least point of my own sexy list is frank talks.

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