Specialist told us why women don’t want sex

Specialist told us why women don’t want sex

It often happens that women regard sex as a duty and don’t find it pleasant. When a woman is bored with sex, she regards it as washing the floor or washing up.

Sociologists made a survey and found out that 80% of women expect men to be proactive in sex. But 69% of men expect the same from their women.

Women seldom show initiative in sex. Many of them consider sex to be boring like household chores. Most often women are gentle in bed as a gratitude for a present or a good weekend or just consider it a duty.

How to make a woman want sex? You should find a sex position in which she will get pleasure. Also you should be aware that some ladies prefer sex in the morning, others love doing it at night. Choose the right speed to please your woman.

Sexologists advise you to be attentive to your partner. Sex is a great thing when both of you get pleasure.

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