They say lack of sex is dangerous to health

They say lack of sex is dangerous to health

Psychotherapist Olga Khaidukova explained what will happen if you do not have sex for a long time and why, over time, couples are less likely to engage in intimacy.

According to the expert, sex can play a huge role in some relationships, while others don;t pay much attention to it. Some couples even refuse from sex. The most important thing is that both partners should be satisfied. As a rule, people have sexual intercourse in order to get pleasure or satisfy other needs (for example, to assert themselves, achieve emotional closeness, etc.).

The therapist says that over time couples start having sex less. There are a number of reasons for this. It is necessary to look into the story of a particular couple: what changes have occurred, when, what the partners would like to come to in the future. At the same time, it is impossible to establish the ideal frequency of sex. It is different for each person. However, is the lack of sex fraught with negative consequences?

Ms. Khaidukova argues that if a person decides to refuse intimacy, it will not harm him. Sex is not a vital need. Unlike food, for example. Without food, a person will definitely not live long.