Tips for increasing female libido

Tips for increasing female libido

Australian journalist and sex education expert Nadia Bokody revealed how women can increase their sex drive and have more orgasms. She researched the reasons why libido can be low and made some recommendations on how to change it.

To restore passion in intimate relationships, women need to masturbate several times a day, according to Bokody. The psychologist added that every time she discusses a fake orgasm, she receives many letters from women with a frank admission that in 20 years of marriage, they have never been able to reach a climax. Moreover, their partners are not aware of that.

An interesting fact is that each such discussion is accompanied by a whole barrage of angry male comments. Men are shocked, because women have learned to hide the fact that they periodically masturbate.

In reality, it is quite easy to increase women's sexual desire. According to the expert, you just need to indulge in self-satisfaction.

Bokody states that if a woman has developed a habit of ignoring her own sexual impulses in favor of male needs, then she may not even really know if she is capable of feeling desire. So to restore libido it is simply necessary to “feel yourself”.

In fact, the same principle applies here as in sports training: the result will be noticeable only after regular exercise.The expert noted that the habit of masturbating is much more pleasant than, for example, the need to  limit yourself in food or go to the gym. In addition, self-satisfaction will definitely not lead to poor health. A weighty argument, isn't it?