Top 7 tips on how to make erotic massage more enjoyable and exciting

Top 7 tips on how to make erotic massage more enjoyable and exciting

Prepare everything you need in advance

Massage candles and oils, bamboo sticks and other paraphernalia should always be at hand. Otherwise, you will have to search for inventory all over the room. In addition, during the massage, you can use natural essential oils such as ylang ylang, patchouli or cinnamon. Just do not forget to check with your partner if he is allergic to them.

Heat the room and hands

Massage should not be done in a cool room. Otherwise, the partner may freeze and even catch a cold. So the room should be warm. But not hot, otherwise you both will be sweating, and the romance will evaporate.

Keep your hands warm to help the man relax as much as possible.

Do not confuse erotic massage with therapeutic

Only a specialist should vigorously massage the shoulders, stretch the clamps and press on the legs. It should be done only during a therapeutic massage. Erotic means gentle, light and passionate movements.

Stimulate erogenous zones throughout the body

Even if you don't understand where your partner's erogenous zones are, try to involve as many zones as you can. Pay special attention to the ears, head, neck, feet, toes, thighs, palms, and buttocks. Touch his belly and chest too.

Maintain skin-to-skin contact

During the correct massage, the specialist should not take his hands off the client. This also applies to erotic massage. So, we advise you to do the massage sitting on the man's buttocks. In this case, even if both hands need to be torn off, you will still continue body contact with your partner. Don't forget about boobs massage. Men love it very much!

Use sex toys

The main thing is that they are small and not very loud. The best option is a vibrator. Butt plugs, especially those made of glass or metal, will also work. Draw such toys over a man's body in order to bring him to the peak of pleasure.

Don't touch his dick

Don't do it in the very start. Hand job or blowjob can be a pleasant final chord of erotic massage, its highest point. However, if you even hint at them at the beginning of the process, the man will no longer be able to think about anything.