Reverse cowgirl: top 3 secrets of a popular sex position

Reverse cowgirl: top 3 secrets of a popular sex position

Everyone knows that the most popular sex positions can be used the other way around. So the 45th position just mirrors an ordinary cowgirl. The latter looks like this: the woman is on top facing her man and she moves up and down. This is ideal for men who are tired after a hard day and are ready to hand over the reins of power to women. Reverse cowgirl position looks the same, but the woman is on top, turning her back to her man. In this position, the penis penetrates much deeper into the  vagina, giving an unforgettable sensation.

Thus, reverse cowgirl is an ordinary cowgirl who turned 180 °. In the ordinary version a man can admire his partner's face, and in the reverse version, he has a magnificent view of her back and buttocks.

Reverse cowgirl: tips

The following guidelines will help you get the most out of your position:


1. The man lies down on the bed, the woman sits on top, turning her back to him. With one hand, she helps him to direct his penis, and with the other hand rests on the bed to help herself take a comfortable position.

2. The woman begins to move using her intimate muscles. Hands can be on the bed or on the man's legs. Make sure the maneuver is safe.

3. There is another interesting variant of the position: the man sits on the edge of the bed and a woman sits on his lap. This will make it easier for her to keep her balance. If you want, you can come up with your own schtick for this position to add variety to sex.

Why do many people like reverse cowgirl? This position allows a woman to control her own actions. She can move the way she likes. It is enough to choose a proper angle, and you can enjoy the process. Movement can be circular, up and down, back and forth. A man at this time can hold his partner by the buttocks, helping to sit on the penis, caress her back, hips. And in this position, it is convenient to stimulate the clitoris - with your hand, an intimate toy, or with movements at the desired angle. And what an amazing view opens up to the eyes of a man!

What if your woman  is tired?

The position requires a certain amount of physical training, so it is quite natural. A man can take a woman by the hips and help her move. To get some rest, the partner can lean forward and rest her hands on the floor. Reverse cowgirl position  deserves to be included in your sex menu.