Sex in the car: top 6 tricks for maximum pleasure

Sex in the car: top 6 tricks for maximum pleasure

Many people try to diversify their sexual life by tryimg out new locations for sex. You can have sex not just on your bed but also in other places such as your car.

A car is not only a vehicle, but also a great place for intimacy.

So if you have a car and want to add variety to sex, you should try making love in it. If you like to travel by car and you have never had sex in it, you just need to give it a try.

Here are some tips that will help you get maximum pleasure during this hot process.

Make love in the back seat

Why in the back? First, there is more space. And secondly, being in the front you run the risk of pressing the vehicular horn and thereby drawing too much attention to your car. It’s even worse if you drive off into a nearby vehicle. If you can fold the seat, do it

Not all cars can boast of a spacious interior, so your task is to organize a place for comfortable and safe sex. You don't want your partner to bang her head against the ceiling of the car all the time, and your legs  become numb.

Missionary pose rules

Sex in a car resembles Tetris, where instead of digital blocks you have arms and legs, and the rows “disappear” only after both partners reach the peak of pleasure. So you have to save space by making love in the car, and it's best to do it with close skin-to-skin contact. It is for this reason that the boring missionary position comes to the top for sex in the car.

Doggy style is also good. However, here you need to be prepared for the fact that you can bump your head against the ceiling of the car if it is low.

Clothes as airbags

To avoid banging your head against the car door, you should use clothing as pillows. And you can also put a warm jacket under your head so that your neck does not hurt after intimacy. Thus, it is important to take care not only of the place, but also of the convenience while making love in the car.

Window film will save you

Of course, it is forbidden to completely tint car windows. However, this is not at all a reason to give up some tricks. For example, you can curtain the windows with a blanket. As a rule, it is better to make sex in the car at night. You shouldn't turn on the light either - this will make the atmosphere even more intimate and mysterious.

Doggy style with an open door

This, of course, is not really sex in the car, but anyway you may try it. In this position, the woman is in the salon and the man is outside. The main thing is not to pull the pants down completely so that you can quickly pull them up when people passing by appear.

Take sex in a car seriously. Be sure to put the car on the handbrake, make sure there are no prying eyes. Look closely at the signs so that the car is not evacuated at the most inopportune moment. A night at the police station can tickle your nerves as well as having sex in a car, but it's still better to follow the rules.