Top 6 mistakes women make during oral sex

Top 6 mistakes women make during oral sex

Oral sex is an integral part of the sex life for any couple. Men get tremendous pleasure from a blowjob, considering it the highest degree of pleasure. Most of the girls willingly agree to oral sex, but they often make mistakes while doing it. We’ll discuss the most frequent mistakes

Mistake one: the girl does not enjoy the blowjob

Oral sex is not about matrimonial duties that every woman has to do. It’s a big mistake to please your man reluctantly. After all, a man feels it: will such an attitude please him? It won’t. It is better not to do it at all than to do it without desire. It will not lead to any result. But in sex both partner must enjoy, don’t they? But if you are just too shy, just ask your boyfriend to switch off the light. If it’s question of hygiene: why not send your boyfriend to the bathroom or takea shower together? In general, the main thing in a blowjob is to do it with desire and enjoy the process.

The second mistake: you try your best to do a "deep throat", but no one needs it

Do you want to know a shocking fact? Men are not crazy about a deep throat, because the glans of a penis does not feel the touch of the palate or throat; no matter how deep you take it into your throat. Moreover, it is almost impossible to do a real deep blowjob, so do not try. Concentrate on other techniques, because your man does not need this at all.

Mistake three: giving a blowjob in an uncomfortable position

Blowjob is a time consuming and sometimes long process. During it, it is extremely important to take a comfortable position because you are going to get pleasure too. A position that you definitely should not take is on your knees. Yes, actresses of adult films do this, but this is filming, and the girls are professional actresses. They can even make a blowjob in the lotus position. Take whatever position is comfortable for you. The most common: when a man is lying on the couch. Neither knees nor neck will feel numb in this position. But be warned that since the head is tilted down under pressure, a runny nose may begin.

Mistake four: watch your teeth

It happens that you get so carried away by the process that you accidentally touch the penis with your teeth. Of course, this will not bring pleasure to a man - hard objects should not touch the penis: the skin on it is very thin and sensitive. But this will not cause much pain either: only a little discomfort. Therefore, if this incident occurs, you should not focus on this, but continue what you started. But be careful.

Mistake five: forgetting about your hands

Hands during a blowjob should not be idle. With their help, you can stimulate the penis and the testicles, touch the nipples - there are a lot of options. If you feel tired, you can stimulate the penis with your hands for a while. You can even masturbate: stimulate your sensitive areas. When a woman gets aroused, the man always gets aroused too.

Mistake six: spitting after swallowing semen

What can completely spoil the pleasure from a blowjob is that you spit sperm. You can consider that all the "work with the mouth" done before is down the drain. Men are very scrupulous about this moment, and if you agreed to swallow sperm, then go to the end - swallow and even pretend that you liked it. If you don't like the taste of semen, talk to your partner about nutrition; ask him not to eat spicy, smoked and sour ones - the taste of his semen directly depends on what he eats. Also ask to abstain from cigarettes and alcohol: this gives a bitter taste. In general, swallowing semen after orgasm tells of complete trust of partners. A man gives a "piece" of himself to a woman, and a woman, in turn, accepts it - a kind of act of mutual trust of the highest level.