Top silly questions to a gynecologist

Top silly questions to a gynecologist

Note that the health of the female reproductive system allows a woman to live her life happily. But still, many women are afraid to visit a gynecologist, sometimes there is a reason. Anyway, we should care for our health and consult a doctor if we need it.

It’s better to choose a doctor based on references. But often women who come to the reception are still afraid to ask questions that really worry them. The Cosmo magazine website has selected five questions that women are most often embarrassed to ask their doctor.

1. Is it harmful to have sex during your period? It should be noted here that during the period, the cervix is open, and any infection can easily enter the uterus.Thus the risk of infection is higher. It is also worth focusing on how you feel. If you are feeling well, you can have sex, but it is better to use a condom.

2.Is it harmful not to have sex for a long time? Bad blood circulation in small pelvis is harmful. In addition, orgasm can reduce body tension. It is a necessary to get orgasm to release tension. Of course, if you have a regular and quality sex life, that's good. Bad blood circulation in the pelvic area leads to negative health consequences. But it can be avoided in various ways, for example, by actively playing sports.

3. Why do not all women experience vaginal orgasms? Indeed, not all women can experience it. You can experience a vaginal orgasm only if the crus clitoridis are located in a certain way, so that they are affected during sex. Often, in order to experience an orgasm, a woman needs additional clitoral stimulation. Orgasm does not depend on whether a woman feels love for her partner. What really is important is trust to your partner and clitoris stimulation. It is also important to discuss all issues related to sex with a partner. If you need a longer foreplay, for example, be sure to tell your partner about it.

4. Is pull-out method safe? This method of contraception has many disadvantages. For example, it does not protect against the transmission of sexually transmitted infections. In addition, sperm cells may be present in the pre-seminal fluid that is released during the entire act. Accordingly, the contraceptive effectiveness of this method is very low. In addition, men may have a rather low level of self-control. Is it worth the risk? It's up to you to decide. If you absolutely do not want children in general or with this partner, it is better to use other methods of contraception.

5. Why did I have symptoms of cystitis after sex? Most often, cystitis occurs after the first sex without a condom in a couple. And these symptoms may be an indicator that one of the partners is suffering from a latent genital infection. And it is very important for both partners to have medical tests. If diseases are detected, it is necessary to have treatment, which will be prescribed by a doctor. Don’t try to treat yourself. The treatment must be done together, otherwise it will be useless. After undergoing treatment, the discomfort will disappear and you can have sex again.