Top 10 ways to get pleasure with the help of hands

Top 10 ways to get pleasure with the help of hands

Hands can give special pleasure to a partner. Neither tongue nor genitals can repeat these sensations. Moreover, a man can do it himself. What does he need a woman for?

Woman can turn this monotonous activity into exciting foreplay. Also hand job may help to strengthen erection and will surely appeal to a partner and make him really excited. But unfortunately it not always turns out the way you want it to be. Let’s try to find out the reasons.

1. One of the main mistakes is moving your hands up and down too vigorously or fast. The partner will come very soon and this is a big mistake. You should start with slow movements. You may even start with caressing hips or stomach or buttocks. Only after that you can get to a man’s penis. Start slowly and then move faster. It gives the impression that you like what you are doing.

2. Sometimes you don’t pay enough attention to bridle string. Grab the penis with both hands, then find the bridle string and caress it with circle movements. To make sensations more peculiar you can move your fingers anticlockwise.

3. One more mistake is that you just move your hands up and down and you just don’t know what to do. But there is room for fantasy. Be imaginative, pay attention to the scrotum and glans penis. If you are afraid to hurt your partner, use lubrication.

4. The same pressure along all the penis is wrong. For example glans penis is very sensitive, like clitoris whereas the foundation of the penis can be touched with pressure. Glans penis is so sensitive that some men don’t like it when a woman touches it.

5. In modern world it’s normal to ask a man what he likes and enjoys. He will tell you and even show you what he wants.

6. If it’s very dry, use lubrication. Silicon lubrication is good because it’s durable.

7. You may be tired and it’s fine with it. Sometimes you get tired and in this case let a man caress you.

8. You stop everything too quickly. If you feel that a man is about to come, you should not  remove your hands too quickly. It is better to reduce the intensity and pressure gradually. Many men enjoy it when you caress their penis after orgasm.

9. Not everyone understands what to do with sperm. This can be agreed upon before starting. There are many options, the main thing is to agree on the option that suits both.

10. Together you are not ready to run into the shower immediately after sex. It doesn't have to be done right away. You can use wet wipes. And go to the shower when you feel like it.